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Middle School


Our middle school serves students in 6th–8th grade.

Our small class sizes continue into middle school—approximately three students per teach in each subject level. One teacher is their primary homeroom, ELA, and social studies teacher, while another teaches math, and another science. Middle school students move around the school throughout the day as they transition between subjects and special projects.

Something you may not recognize from other schools is the very neat and individualized environment we designed for our middle schoolers. Students receive their own study pod that resembles a more open office cubicle. This is their space for which they are responsible to keep clean and organized but can also personalize.

At a time in a student’s life that is so transitional and when other schools are letting this age group slip through the cracks, LLC has been deliberate in establishing a unique program with a special culture that the students love and respect. We are able to give individual focus and support to our middle school students, balancing growing responsibilities with encouragement and support. Students are allowed to work at their own pace with teacher guidance, and they use a curriculum that was designed and is continually refined at LLC.

As these 6th–8th graders are preparing for high school, we are deliberate in making sure they have the opportunities and tools to prepare them for the big change of entering high school and taking on more personal responsibility. We allow more hands-on projects that work to build confidence and the desire to explore our world. Because of our cooperative, engaging culture and our strong emphasis on respect at all levels, our middle school students remain conscience about their actions within the community while pursuing personal success.