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High School


Our high school serves students in 9th–12th grade.

Continuing on from its use in our middle school program, the individual pod system is also used in our high school as part of our next-gen classrooms. These personal, rather large workspaces are where students do the vast majority of their work.

The pods are designed to come together in semicircles with a large round table in the center of each pod cluster. This allows students to turn around in their chairs and work collaboratively with the other students in their cluster. This, along with the small class sizes, facilitates a level of cooperation and student-to-student mentoring not seen in many other schools.

We are currently using an online curriculum for high schoolers, which has many advantages, including the ability for students to log on 24/7 and work on assignments from anywhere with internet access. Students also have regular access to their online teachers, and we reinforce this support with upper level teachers here on staff. This online system allows for a breadth of subject and class level options, including many AP options.

LLC is dedicated to graduating students who are well rounded and ready for the next stage in life, be that a traditional college or apprenticeship/trade program. We know that all too often a main focus of students and their parents is to make sure they have a high GPA and they know how to take a standardized test. Life is so much more that that, and we want all students to realize that we are not just preparing them for the college of their choice—we are preparing them for LIFE!