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Our elementary program is divided into lower elementary (K–2nd grade) and upper elementary (3rd–5th grade).

The myriad advantages that small classroom sizes offer are well known. But did you know that in our elementary program we offer a student-to-teach ratio of about four students per teacher? This allows for individual attention right from the start of a student’s educational experience.

Our elementary program is organized on a block schedule for all students in K-5th grade. This allows students to rotate between three different classrooms and three different teachers four days a week. In turn, this allows our elementary teachers to teach classes in their particular area of expertise. This has been an extremely successful model the students, staff, and parents love.

Block scheduling and small class sizes allow us to challenge students ahead of their grade level if they are excelling in a subject.

Wednesday is set aside for a full chapel and for “specials”—opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom, participate in field trips, and engage in a program unique to LLC called “Climb60”. For Climb60, students spend one hour a week in a carefully structured class that allows each student to research and complete a project on any subject they have an interest in. We have seen students pursue building projects, cooking, drama, learning to play an instrument, and much more.

With our low student-to-teacher ratio and our excellent staff and facility, we find that students who may not necessarily do well in a large, traditionally structured environment will soar here at LLC.