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Our Programs


Students at LLC develop a unique confidence about themselves that is obvious within our family and beyond. This confidence, which transforms into leadership skills and self-discipline, is fostered through our supportive and holistic approach to education. We address student needs and growth in mind, body, and spirit to build up “complete students.”

Our well-designed classrooms and interactive curriculum are unique and offer tremendous flexibility with how a day plays out.

Please visit our elementary, middle school, and high school pages to learn more about our educational programs at each level.


A Day at LLC

Each day starts at 8:15am with all students and staff (and sometimes parents!) gathering in our main common area where we engage in staff-led stretching for 10 minutes. We have incorporated a very unique program called Masgutova Neurosensory Reflex Integration (MNRI). This well-researched and documented series of exercises is similar to yoga and stimulates the body to engage the senses and focus the mind.

Next, we hold a 10–15 minute devotion led by students on Monday and staff the rest of the week. With the devotion fresh in our minds, we spend the next 10 minutes in quiet reflection. During this time students are encouraged to journal, read scripture, or quietly reflect on the scriptural lesson.

With this solid foundation of engaging mind, body, and spirit, our students are ready to face the challenges and lessons of the day!

Elementary students gather in their homeroom with their teacher to go over their day. Middle and high school meet with their respective teachers to wrap up thoughts on the devotion and then focus on the day’s tasks ahead.

At 10:30am, everyone gets a “Brain Break.” This involves a healthy snack and some moving around—outside and in the fresh air if possible! Then back to work until everyone breaks for lunch together at 11:35am.

The afternoon is spent on lessons until 2:00pm, at which time each grade group transitions to something different: recess, gym class, a special study, or Climb60 project. This then goes to about 3:15pm, when everyone stops what they are doing and begins their assigned cleanup chore. No exceptions to this!

Wednesday’s have a slightly different schedule as we allow for more time on special studies and Climb60 projects and we have a full-school chapel service.

Staff and students alike have found this balanced mixture of lessons, study, group discussion, devotional time, and stretching and exercise to significantly improve productivity and engagement throughout the day.