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Seven Teaching Modalities


At Life Learning Community, we have identified Seven Teaching Modalities that we feel are exceptional and all encompassing for our richly diverse student body. A modality is a particular mode or manner in which something is experienced or expressed. Students learn best when they have the opportunity to engage multiple senses. We take into consideration each child’s primary and preferred learning mode—whether it is visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinesthetic (moving), and/or tactile (touching).


1. One on One - Students work directly with a teacher or learning coach.

2. Collaborative - Students work with 1–5 other students on their own, launched or facilitated by a teacher.

3. Direct Instruction - Larger groups of students are engaged by a teacher, who is facilitating the learning.

4. Technology / Device Engagement - Students are engaged with technology (software/apps/online) and devices that will deliver a variety of content in unique and innovative ways.

5. Experiential - Each of the student's senses are engaged, putting their hands to the learning process through varied content.

6. Project-Based Learning - Students, individually or in small groups, will engage learning through identifying and developing a project from inception to completion with a final presentation at the end.

7. Independent Study - Students "learn how to learn" as they direct themselves through content that challenges them to use and expand their tools of learning.