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Seven Pillars


As we researched the needs within our modern educational world, we discovered that today’s schools are consistently graduating “incomplete” students. This may not be evident by their respectable standardized test scores and high grade point averages, but it appears educational institutes have ignored other character and experiential components vital to producing a more “complete” student.

We never underestimate the importance of test scores and grade point averages, but we believe it’s possible to maintain excellence in these areas and still produce a well-rounded student.

With this in mind, we identified Seven Pillars that compose a “complete” student. We took this vision of a complete student and reverse engineered their education all the way back to Kindergarten and carefully threaded these pillars throughout– from their first day at Life Learning Community to the day they graduate our program.

These Seven Pillars are attributes our staff at Life Learning Community are committed to model and teach as we deliberately integrate them into our entire curriculum, striving for total excellence in all of our academic offerings.


1. Lifelong Learning

One of the greatest attributes we can instill in our students from an early age is a deep desire to pursue learning throughout their lives. We work with students in mastering a variety of learning tools, skills, and disciplines, not just the acquisition and memorization of structured knowledge simply for the sake of test taking.

2. Servant Leadership

To lead with a servant’s heart is noble and rewarding. We provide opportunities to develop and refine the abilities to lead and serve within our school, local community, and abroad.

3. Health and Wellness

Healthy habits begin at a young age and provide a foundation for lifetime wellness and optimal learning. We teach and model the subjects of health and wellness on a daily basis and experience multiple facets of physical fitness throughout the school year.

4. The Arts

Art offers opportunity for self-expression and creativity. We strongly believe in celebrating the arts through experiences that inspire and strengthen our students’ ideas, imagination, and feelings.

5. Relational Living

To be a kind, respectable, and emotionally sturdy member of society is rewarding for one’s self and all those around us. We work with students to hone skills in communication, collaboration, problem solving, accountability, and coping. The importance of manners and respect are practiced inside our doors and beyond.

5. Life Skills

We share a wealth of practical knowledge that aids in the quest to graduate “complete” students ready for their next life steps. We know exposure to a variety of careers and the teaching of life skills is empowering to the individual.

7. Spiritual Development

We know that God created each one of us with purpose. It is our goal to honor the uniqueness of individual students by guiding them in a growing relationship with Jesus.