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Parent Testimonials

We know we’re offering the kind of education that’s needed when students and parents tell us how LLC has transformed their minds on what education is and what it can do for today’s students. Below are some of our favorite shared success stories.

We would love to give you a tour, at your convenience, and let you discover for yourself why we were selected as The Best of Ann Arbor in the private school category and how we’re educating and growing complete students ready to thrive in life.


We came to Life Learning Community because of the expertise in education, experienced and caring staff. The love and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ is taught and lived every day. There are many amazing opportunities beyond academics at LLC. We greatly appreciate their focus on personal and spiritual growth of the child.

The environment at Life Learning Community is welcoming to all. It is a safe place to share ideas, thoughts and feelings. The student community is like a family. The multi-age interaction is beautiful to watch and beneficial to all. Every child is accepted exactly where they are. Each student is challenged to grow, encouraged and assisted along the way. We are truly blessed to be a part of LLC and can’t imagine being any place else.

~Bill and Pat Anderson


Life Learning Community has been such a blessing for my daughter and me. I started her at Life Learning Community the year they opened in 2013. The staff at LLC have always taken a personal interest in my daughter and challenged her to excel at school and to grow in her relationship with Christ and others. Grace and accountability are modeled daily along with integrity, respect, and hard work. I also appreciate that my daughter is able to make the most of her class time, because the environment is peaceful. My daughter has built great relationships with her teachers, developed new friendships with other students and been nurtured in her walk with God. I would recommend any family to be a part of such a warm and loving community like LLC.


My children have been attending Life Learning Community for two years and have enjoyed the experience every step of the way. The teachers and staff are awesome and truly care about each student as a child of their own. The personable life lessons taught and practical teaching coupled with the community experience helps develop the whole student. Upon arriving at Life Learning Community some of my children did not like going to school. We realized that we needed something different for them than what was currently being offered. We researched and visited many schools and left each school unsure or with a bad feeling. We then visited the Life Learning Community site which was under construction at the time of our visit, and realized at that moment that God was building up something new for our family and that it would be great. The construction represented the reshaping and renewing of my children’s life academically, physically and spiritually. The good news is that the construction of this dynamic school wasn’t just for my family but it is for all families who choose to embrace LIFE and believe that we should have it more abundantly. If you want to make a worthy investment in your child’s education Life Learning Community is the #1 school of choice. You will not be disappointed with the Return on your Investment. 

~Vaughn Family


I am so happy that I heard about LLC on WAAM Radio about a year and a half ago. My husband and I were very concerned about our children even in charter school and the way the curriculum and the environment in the school were going. We heard about LLC and looked into it; we attended an open house and we were hooked.  LLC is a safe learning environment with a warm, family-like atmosphere where my children are not just a number, but they are known individually and considered an important part of the group. Every person is valued at LLC not based on qualities the world holds up as meaningful, but as someone God created with his or her own special character and set of gifts. The culture of this community is very honorable, upholding traditional biblical values similar to those with which my husband and I were raised.

LLC offers their students very unique, real life experiences that are not available in any public school. The children are active, not just stuffed in classrooms listening to adults lecture. For the first two years, the curriculum has come from the K-12 plan, but the administrators at LLC are busily working on their own curriculum to be established for the coming years. Students are enrolled in a full, age-appropriate curriculum and even take state tests, so they are not deprived any educational element that they would receive in a public school.  Most importantly, there is time for God. How our Creator is not central to any establishment, particularly where children are trained for life, is beyond me. I am so glad they take time to acknowledge God, and I believe they are blessed because of it.

The leadership is approachable, flexible and understanding, open to discussion of whatever is concerning to families, full of vision and excitement. It is a privilege to walk through this time of growth and development with LLC. I congratulate them on their third year of existence. I know it’s only going to get better. How did we ever do without you?  

~ Dierdre Jeske


No words can do justice to the difference Cheri and I see in our son and feel in the home. Trenton LOVES school!  He's HAPPY--without exaggeration--EVERY SINGLE DAY. We used to argue with him and feel like we were dumping him off at his past school. Since the day we moved Trenton to LLC, our struggle is to get him to LEAVE school at the end of the day. 

Today, as I type this, it is -3°.  It's FREEEEEEEEEZING!  In a week we'll be at Disney World and the forecast is 82°. We are going to Florida and everyone has been counting the days down for the last 2 weeks. On a scale of 1-10 on how excited we are, we're all pushing 11. All of us EXCEPT Trenton. When I asked him to rate his excitement this morning, he pensively responded with a "6".  Scratching my head, I asked him to defend his lackluster response. "Why only a 6!?". His reply:  "Because 4 of me really wants to be at school with my friends next week." What?!  

He has made a complete 180 in his attitude, and effort in school. Proof: He asks to do his homework, he pulls up his grades and wants to show them to us, AND he wants to do more than is expected when possible, and more than anything he really, really, really wants to be in school. Quote me on that! My son--who hated school and avoided almost all work related to school in the past--really, really, really wants to be in school! Amazing!

THANK YOU to all the staff at LLC for all you're doing, and all you're sacrificing to make this possible. Cheri and I are so grateful and are definitely praying for God's favor on LLC. And you can be sure--we're telling EVERYONE we know about this great school. May God continue to richly bless and provide for this ministry.

~The Scudder Family